As you get older, you come across many different quotes from other people that you think, I like that one. Well here’s one of those that I liked.

I am free

No Matter What Rule Surrounds Me

If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them

If I find them too obnoxious, I break them

I Am Free

Because I Know That I Alone

Am Morally Responsible For Everything I Do.

Now I’m not saying you should rush out and break the law as that, in my opinion is different. Having said that, I may have fractured a law or two. Hey, I’ve been around for six decades, no one’s that good.

So what is freedom?

I don’t think I’m qualified to answer that, because it’s many things to many people. But for me it’s a basic right to choose. Which is another saying I use that I’ll tell you in a bit.

You Are free.


I would be over the moon with this. I don’t ride a bike anymore, or should that be at the moment, but the freedom of the open road for me at least, was hard to match. Then the nanny state stuck their nose in and decided I couldn’t ride free anymore, I had to wear fiberglass on my head. Remember I said that I may have fractured a law or two.



That brings me to my next saying.

Every Choice Has A Consequence.

If I decide to ride without a helmet, I alone made that choice and I alone am responsible for any consequence..

See how they tie in nicely.

Hope you enjoyed reading my little ramble today. More next time.

Have a great life



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So what do you think about this post?  I would love to hear your views. just comment below

All The Best.


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One Comment

  1. Hello Tony,

    We are free, free to choose the direction we take. Free to choose who we follow.

    I like the way you put freedom. Being free is different for all of us. It is ours to choose.

    Thank you,