Been working on the site today.  Wanted a front page and separate blog page.  Also been working on a new support site to cover questions from someone visiting this site, also as there has been a joining with RT Videos, needed to set the support site up so it covered that site too.

Progress has been a bit slow though, as I have been in and out of the sunshine while we still have some.

Never know for sure when the next time will be.

Also installed an SEO plugin to help people find the site.  Confusing the hell out of me at the moment with statements like

14.3% of the sentences contain passive voice, which is more than the recommended maximum of 10%

Plus the fact that everything needs to be mobile friendly, bearing in mind that I don’t really understand these new-fangled mobile devices.  I remember the first mobile phone.  It was just that, a mobile phone, oh and it weighed a ton.  You would never in a million years get that to fit in your pocket.

Well, would you adam and eve it?  That above statement just disappeared.

That’s it for now.  As always please feel free to leave any comments below.  Better still, leave a comment then join the list to be one of the first to receive updates by filling out the form top right.


Until next time


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All The Best.


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