How To Set Long And Short-term GoalsBeing successful requires having the right mindset and planning properly. This means to be successful in different aspects of life, you must think like a winner and do proper planning. The planning entails setting goals of what you want to achieve and when you want to achieve it.

By setting goals you will be more focused since you will know exactly what you want. Consequently, one needs to set long and short-term goals. The short-term goals are for the near future while the long term ones are the ones to happen after a considerable period of time, which might even be years. Here is how to set long and short-term goals.

The first step of setting both long and short-term goals is knowing exactly what you want. This means that your conscious should be clear before setting any type of goal. The importance of this is that you will know the things you need to consider while setting the goals.

This also helps you to make realistic goals. Being realistic means that you are setting goals which you know you can achieve. By setting realistic goals you avoid the frustrations that come when you repeatedly fail to achieve your goals. In fact, many people give up because they always set goals which are too high and as a result most of the time, they fail to achieve their objectives. Therefore, while setting your goals regardless of whether they are short or long-term you should ensure they are achievable.

Setting the short-term goals is simpler mainly because such goals might be achieved even within minutes or hours. This means you How To Set Long And Short-term Goalscan wake up in the morning and set a short-term goal of something you want to achieve by the end of the day. Because of the short period you can easily tell the factors that might hinder you from achieving your goals. Therefore, you will be setting the short-term goals being almost certain of whether you will be able to achieve the goals.

On the other hand, making long-term goals can be a bit challenging. This is because the factors you had considered while setting the goals might change with time. Therefore, while setting long term goals it is advisable to consider that some factors might change. You can achieve this through setting long-term goals which are not too rigid. This means you should set goals with options of changing as time progresses.

The end results of the long-term goals should also not be very specific. Instead, your long-term goals should have a range. For instance; you can say in five years you want to have opened two or three other branches of your business. This will motivate you towards expanding your business without being too specific on the end results. Therefore, through following the outlined guidelines you can easily understand how to set long and short-term goals.

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  1. Hello Tony,

    Interesting approach to setting goals. I truly believe that if you are setting goals you need to define exactly what you want to accomplish. Otherwise, how do you know what your destination is?

    Not setting a timeframe for the long-term goals takes some of the pressure off and allows for adjustment.

    Thanks for your insight.