Need to Crush Negative Self-Talk?

You’re caught up in a cycle of self-defeating thoughts. In each stage of your thought process, you compare yourself unfavourably with others and realize your past failings. You can’t go forward because you feel like crap.
Negative self-talk can be truly insidious; once it sets in, it just plays the negative thoughts over and over through a person’s mind, and the worst thing about that is that, once it gets there, its effect starts growing until you “quit trying” – meaning you won’t do anything at all anymore
Finally, you need to take your life back and put an end to the negative thoughts constantly running through your head.

It is easier for you to say that you’ll never speak out, then you’ll think about what you do say out and how you can say that you aren’t speaking out. That might

Find the Calm

Your emotions are at their highest for the first time since entering school when you’re a teenager. It’s time to take a step back from the madness and re-enter the quiet room where you can calm yourself.

Watch out for your mental biases

Don’t avoid that negative thought. Listen to it. Who is speaking… who is it saying it?

Dig into the Roots

Per the dictionary, a goal is one of the ends to which a person strives. So I think you should first think about what the thought represents to you; secondly, where the thought stems from.

Drop the Unreasonable Expectation

Is this too much of an expectation for you to put on yourself? Do you think it’s reasonable to put such expectations on yourself?

Turn It Around

What is a positive counterpoint to this concept? If you’re worried about how bad you are with money, think of a time when you saved up for something you wanted, or think about a time when you did something in regard to money, and it made you feel really great afterwards.

Create a Habit

While this is a good idea, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be making sure that the new habit you are creating is a better one than the old one. Consider this: if you react to an old stimulus often but react very little to another stimulus, and it’s getting stronger by the day, the stronger the stimulus, the faster the old habit is replaced by the new one.

Just Stop

The only effective way to get rid of a negative thought is to focus your mind on something else until you feel your negative thoughts subside; however, your mind does everything you tell it to, so you will also have to tell your negative thoughts to stop being negative. This method should help you to eliminate your fear as long as you remember to use

Listen to negativity, but don’t give up. If negativity gets too strong, contact a trusted friend or counsellor (counsellors are people who help one person understand others by listening) to help you shed light on your negativity.

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