They’re unhappy with themselves and their lives.

Why is Everyone So Easily Offended These Days? (part 3)


When you see people who get so angry at others who share their successes on Facebook or Instagram, it’s because they’re unhappy with themselves. They’re jealous.

They get offended that someone else has the audacity to post a selfie in a bikini of their new body after working years to get where they are because they’re unhappy with how they look themselves. Instead of looking at those people as great examples of getting fit, they look at them with envy and use being offended as an outlet.  I chose this picture as it probably covers a couple of areas.  One is the picture, the other could be offence taken by body art.




They want to feel important.

Who doesn’t want to feel important? The difference with those who are easily offended is that they get that feeling of importance by lashing out about how something “hurt” them. When they preach about how something is really offensive, people look at them like their words hold value. They feel more important.  Newsflash.  This is sometimes obvious and makes them look like an idiot.

They like the attention.

Maybe this should really be number 1 on the list because it’s definitely one of the main reasons people are easily offended. It’s not so much that they actually are upset by someone’s comment or action.

The truth is, they just like getting attention for claiming to be offended. Their voice can’t be heard any other way, so they become offended because it’s the only way people seem to listen.  On the bright side, this provides great ammunition to push buttons, or otherwise wind them up.  😈

They’re insecure.

People who get offended by something so easily tend to have big insecurity about that thing. Let’s use the bikini photo as an example again. Those who get “offended” by this are usually people who would never have the courage to do the same. They’re not secure in their body and, in order to make themselves feel better, they lash out at someone who is.

They want to blame others for their own unhappiness.

It’s all a blame game. Those who are easily offended by trivial bullshit tend to be unhappy people. They’re complainers. They just want a scapegoat for their unhappiness and so they freak out about something simple so they have a “reasonable” outlet for that anger.  You’ve probably seen a lot of these.

Final part next time where I’ll post some suggestions on how to deal with people who are easily offended.

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Why is Everyone So Easily Offended These Days? (part 3)


If I’m offended by the comment, perhaps I just won’t approve it.





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