Another saying I learned over the many, many years.

Suck it up buttercup

Generally there seems to be 10 reasons why these people are easily offended.  I’ll post the first five here and follow up with 6-10 next time.

1 A sense of entitlement.

A lot of people feel as though the world owes them something – even though they don’t put in the work to deserve it. They have a sense of entitlement that they haven’t earned.

So when someone says something they disagree with, they become offended by it and lash out.

2 They’re too sensitive.

Now, some people are sensitive for a lot of different reasons. It can range from them just being that way by nature or they may be overly sensitive due to things that have happened to them.

The bottom line: if someone is easily offended, they’re just sensitive in general. They take people’s opinions to heart personally and feel the need to defend themselves even if the comment wasn’t directed at them.

3. They just want to argue about something.

We all know someone like this. Even if they aren’t necessarily personally offended, they want to argue. They want to prove themselves right by saying how wrong you are to say or do something. These are just argumentative people who get a thrill out of it.

4 They’re close-minded.

This might be the biggest reason people are so easily offended nowadays. With more and more information coming out about things that are typically controversial, you see so many people becoming offended by them.

The real reason they’re offended is that they’re close-minded. They don’t want to think about the world differently or see things from someone else’s perspective. They want to stick with what they’ve always known instead of venturing out.

5 They’re ignorant.

Another huge reason people are so easily offended is that they’re just ignorant. They don’t know the facts. And worse, they don’t want to learn the facts. They have a narrow way of thinking and because they don’t understand the other side of the issue, they become personally offended by it.

Part 3 coming soon. ? Reasons 6 to 10.

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