We all know about procrastination, the tendency to put things off. Procrastination is when we rush to get through something as quickly as possible. Both choices can cost us time and effort if we fail to approach our work rationally.

In a recent study, students were asked to pick a bucket to carry across a finish line. Surprisingly, many selected the bucket closest to them rather than the one nearest the final destination, even though that meant carrying the load further.

If you take pride in jumping on each new task without delay, you may want to think twice. Try these suggestions for getting procrastination under control.

Overcoming Procrastination in General

  1. Cut back on low priority activities. Procrastination is especially tempting when we’re doing something that we don’t care much about. Strive to fill your life with meaningful undertakings as much as possible.
  2. Focus on quality. Once you’ve revised your to-do list to emphasize projects that engage you, it’s natural to feel more enthusiastic. When something is meaningful, you’re more likely to put forth your best effort, rather than just trying to get something over with.
  3. Consider all relevant factors. Sound decisions take a wide range of information into account. It’s prudent to put off installing your carpet until after you’ve finished painting the ceiling.
  4. Think long term. Remember your long term objectives. Looking ahead prevents missteps.
  5. Create batches. Bundling similar items can help you polish off minor jobs quickly. For example, buy all of your cleaning supplies at one time.
  6. Seek moderation. Psychologists suspect that some people are more vulnerable to procrastination. We can all benefit from heading toward the middle ground.
  7. Slow down. Pausing also enhances decision making. Consider the best timing for any project.
  8. Write a list. Part of the motivation behind procrastination is wanting to cross an item off the list of things we need to think about. Consider whether it makes more sense to iron a shirt now or make a note to do it later.

Overcoming Procrastination in Specific Situations

  1. Analyze your workload. Procrastination is widespread. You may face pressure at work to act quickly, regardless of the consequences. Double-check your reasoning when setting deadlines.
  2. Pace yourself in romantic relationships. Wanting to be part of a couple can make it difficult to wait for a partner who’s good for you. Being patient pays off.
  3. Monitor your parenting. One of the important things you teach your children is how to do things for themselves. Discuss how to find the most effective approach to studying algebra or building a treehouse.
  4. Lose weight gradually. Diets are one of the most obvious areas where moving too quickly can backfire. When you lose pounds too fast, it’s likely to be water weight that you’ll just gain back. You may also wind up with more body fat and less muscle if it becomes a habit.
  5. Organise your housework. Think of all the time you can save by becoming more strategic about managing housework and errands. A comprehensive cleaning schedule will keep your home tidy and end the cycle of shifting clutter from one room to another.

Whether you’re toting around buckets or running a business, planning your work will help you get more done. Establish priorities, and keep the big picture in mind. Once you realize that you may be creating extra work for yourself, you can turn the situation around. You’ll find it easier to replace both procrastination and procrastination with more rational decisions.

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