Right then. Time to get back into this as I haven’t done a thing for months. Mainly due to illness but time to stop the excuses. I’ve convinced myself, or maybe life has convinced me, that I have no patience or passion.

So, I’ve started again and rebuilt (rebuilding) the website. I don’t want this to turn into another shiny object now do I.

I think today must be a day of sorting out emails.  So far, I’ve managed to reduce it from 34 toStart Over 29.   Seemed a good idea at the time to create different emails addresses for things like utilities, film subscriptions.  OMG what a pain trying to work out which email I used for which company or service.  I think it will take all day and maybe longer to sort this lot out.

All this while thinking of what to write for a blog post every (ish) day.

Lets get started.

So what do you think about this post?  I would love to hear your views. just comment below

All The Best.


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