Breaking rules can allow you to experience yourself in a way that empowers you. Rules may severely bind your beliefs and your goals… which may keep you from experiencing any new things at all. It doesn’t matter if they’re silly. Breaking them will help you get

Think about the negative, untrue things you say to yourself daily, such as “I can’t do that”, I don’t have the brains to succeed,” “I’m no good”, and “nobody will take interest in me.” These ideas are derived from rules of society that should be and need to be broken.

Although you’ll encounter some setbacks and challenges in breaking a rule that comes from your parents or teachers, do whatever you know you want to do. Even if you make mistakes, remember that there’s no way you can’t enjoy whatever you decide to do later on and that you’ve made the choice

When you let people stand close to you, but never acknowledge them, their actions are demeaning and disgusting. That’s just horrible for your self-esteem.

It’s important to always speak your mind whether there is any opposition or not and always act based on your beliefs. Also, to voice your feelings as it allows you to feel self-confident and happy.

If you have ever been through painful experiences that made an impact on your life, then you may find that it’s difficult for you to move forward. You might have to come to terms with these events and understand why they are painful.

The negatives that are defining you right now only make it easier to overcome the feeling. To do this, it may take breaking the rules that are holding you back, which will help to change your mindset. This can help you become a better person.

Eventually, after you’ve been on your own for a while you decide that the blame isn’t all yours, that you’re part of the problem that causes these negative situations; thus knowledge and understanding help you regain your power so you can change for the better.

Having a belief system makes the empowering process exciting. Believe in all possibilities of having a positive ending to your life. It gives purpose to life and inspires us daily without comparison with others because of that belief.

Don’t let others decide how they feel towards you, and don’t be influenced by the opinions of others. People should know their limits, and only do what they are comfortable being able to cope with after thinking about the consequences of breaking any particular rules. Then, they create a sense of control themselves.

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