Breaking certain rules can cause the skies to open and rain down benefits – but it can also cause your worst nightmares. Author, Lewis Upton, once said, “I’m a free soul, not a soul who will be contained by rules that were made by people who want to control others.”

There comes a time when it becomes necessary to break a rule, simply to break the control of others or a situation and to set yourself free to make your own rules. Here are some perks of breaking certain rules of society:

  1. The “Work from 9 to 5” Rule. When you break this rule you can get ahead quickly by garnering more time for yourself and working more efficiently. Many people today are realizing the perks that technology now affords by setting their own hours and taking time for themselves.
  2. Always Meet Your Goals and Expectations. You may change your mind along the way – it’s as simple as that. You can become newly enthused about a project or goal if you let the old ones go.
  3. What Other People Think is Important. Letting go of the fear of people judging you can be very freeing. What kept you down and from reaching new heights in your life plan is replaced with a new zest for life and enthusiasm to take advantage of every opportunity.
  4. Mistakes Are a Bad Thing. You can get tons of benefits from making mistakes. It’s never fun to admit you’re wrong, but when you learn lessons from those mistakes, the benefits are many and you’ll likely never make that mistake again.
  5. Your Parents Are Always Right. When you realize that your parents lived in another day and time when rules meant something different than they do today, you can justify breaking the “parents are always right rule.” The major perk you can get from breaking this rule is to free yourself to make your own decisions and plot your own life path.

Although there are perks from breaking many of society’s antiquated rules, beware of breaking rules that were set in place to help us in life. Not working 9 until 5 every day doesn’t mean you don’t have to work hard to realize your goals and dreams.

In fact, you may work harder – spend long days and nights – in reaching the goals and dreams you have for yourself. But, setting your hours can help you work on your terms and not those set by others. You’ll do a much better job and finish projects much more efficiently.

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  1. OMG..I loved this article! Especially the part of making mistakes and letting go of what other people think. Thank you

  2. Hi Tony.
    Interesting post!
    There are some thing in there that most people would’nt think about!
    Most people don’t have goals only dreams but never do anything about them?
    It never fails to amaze me what people think is important and howe much they do judge people.